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Dental Implants: A Guide for Seniors

If you are a senior considering dental implants, you may have to worry about issues other dental patients don't have to think about. For example, you may need more time to recover after receiving your implants. My name is Jodi, and I've been working with seniors for years. I decided to create this blog to help the seniors I can't meet in person. In this space, I'm going to post entries on everything related to dental implants and seniors. From tips on flossing implants after arthritis has claimed some of your dexterity, to guiding you through the implants-vs-dentures debate, this blog is designed for you. Thanks for reading. I hope you find what you need!



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Dental Implants: A Guide for Seniors

    Should you book an appointment with a periodontist?

    As part of taking care of your teeth, you should be seeing your local dentist at least twice a year for regular check-ups and dental cleaning to make sure that your teeth stay in great shape, but your dentist is not the only person who can help you to take care of your teeth. If your dentist spots signs of periodontal disease or gingivitis, they may want to refer you to a periodontist so that they can treat the infection and prevent your condition from deteriorating further.

    What to Expect From Your General Dentist

    As your primary dental caregivers, general dentists are your best bet for avoiding serious dental complications that may result in the loss of your teeth. That's why you should always see your local dentist for regular checkups even if you have no pressing dental concerns.  Dentists offer an array of general dentistry services to ensure their patients achieve and maintain good oral health. Check out some of the key services that they can provide below.

    5 Common Crooked Teeth Problems You Can Avoid By Seeking Orthodontic Treatment

    With or without a referral from your dentist, an orthodontist is the dental specialist to visit if you wish to straighten your crooked teeth. Sooner is always better for orthodontics treatment if you want to stay ahead of some of the common issues associated with crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can take away from your appearance and cause your self-esteem to take a hit. However, it's more than just a cosmetic problem.

    3 Signs You Have Pericoronitis

    If you have a wisdom tooth coming through, then your dentist may keep a watching brief on the tooth to see how it does. They don't want to remove the tooth at the moment, but they think that this might be necessary down the line. For the time being, they tell you to clean the tooth carefully and to look out for unusual problems. They warn you to watch for symptoms that might mean that you have an infection known as pericoronitis.

    Two ways to ensure that your agoraphobia does not cause your oral health to decline

    If, as a result of having agoraphobia, you find it difficult to leave your home and have not been to the dentist for many years, here are some of the steps you might want to take to stop this psychological condition from harming your oral health. Find a dentist who runs a mobile clinic You should try to find a dentist in your area who runs a mobile clinic. The reason for this is that most mobile dental clinics can usually only provide simple dental treatments (like a scale-and-polish or a check-up), but using this service could enable you to avoid developing the types of major dental health conditions that would necessitate a trip to a standard dental clinic (a trip that would probably induce severe anxiety, due to your agoraphobia).

    How to recover from dental implant surgery

    Dental implants are a method of attaching artificial teeth to the bone structure of the jaw. They look authentic and are very durable, but the success of the procedure will depend on some sensible aftercare. Relieve any pain After the anaesthetic wears off, you may feel some short-term discomfort and soreness in the mouth. You can use over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol to relieve any pain. If you are in any doubt, just ask your dentist what would be best for you to take.

    5 Advantages of Dental Implants

    Dental implants and dentures are both highly effective solutions to tooth loss. However, dental implants have several advantages over dentures that could make them more suitable for many people. Here are five reasons to ask your dentist whether implants could be the right solution for you. 1. A Permanent Solution After the initial fitting and recovery process, dental implants need almost no maintenance. All you need to do is brush them every day, as though they were natural teeth, and see your dentist for regular checkups.

    Use It or Lose It: The Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

    If you have just lost a tooth, you might be wondering whether you should replace it or not. However, your focus should be on function and health, not aesthetics. Of course, replacing a missing tooth in your smile zone, usually the top six teeth, is also an urgent matter. Where your back teeth, your molars, are concerned, their absence is felt—not seen. The short-term risks of not replacing a tooth, such as infection at the site, shouldn't be a problem as long as you care for the wound as it heals.