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Dental Implants: A Guide for Seniors

If you are a senior considering dental implants, you may have to worry about issues other dental patients don't have to think about. For example, you may need more time to recover after receiving your implants. My name is Jodi, and I've been working with seniors for years. I decided to create this blog to help the seniors I can't meet in person. In this space, I'm going to post entries on everything related to dental implants and seniors. From tips on flossing implants after arthritis has claimed some of your dexterity, to guiding you through the implants-vs-dentures debate, this blog is designed for you. Thanks for reading. I hope you find what you need!



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Dental Implants: A Guide for Seniors

    3 Things Your Cosmetic Dentist Wants You To Consider About Teeth Whitening Goals

    Teeth whitening is not a one-step procedure. Even if you buy an over the counter option, you will end up with several day's worth of the whitening treatment in order to reach your desired shade. If you decide to switch to an in-office teeth whitening option with your cosmetic dentist, there may be some things you should consider. One of those things is related to your actual teeth whitening goals and how you need to go about achieving them.

    Quick Recovery Tips for Children Who Have Undergone a Dental Crown Procedure

    Baby teeth are not permanent, but this does not mean that they are safe from decay. It is quite common for the back teeth to become decayed on young children. This can be caused by bad oral hygiene or sucking on bottles that are filled with sugary liquids. When decay occurs on the back teeth, this often results in the enamel and the pulp of the tooth becoming damaged. When this occurs, it is not possible for fillings to be added.

    What to Expect From a Root Canal

    If you have a deep tooth infection, your dentist might recommend getting a root canal. This dental procedure is performed by an endodontist, who specializes in the nerves and pulp of the teeth. The root canal is meant to remove infected pulp inside the canal of the tooth, which is done with a simple procedure. Here are some things to expect from your first root canal treatment. X-Rays Are Performed First

    Talon Cusps—Could Your Child Be Affected?

    If your child is experiencing irritation of their cheek, tongue or gums with no immediate apparent cause, it could be that they are suffering from an unusual dental condition referred to as 'talon cusps'.  But what are talon cusps and what can your dentist do to help?  Read on to find out more. What are talon cusps? Talon cusps are claw-like growths that can develop at the back of a child's tooth.

    Pocket Rocket: How To Promote Healing And Speed Recovery Time After Pocket Reduction Surgery

    Pocket reduction surgery is a procedure designed to reduce the space between a tooth and the surrounding gum line -- ordinarily, this space is only a few millimetres wide and presents no problems, but if you are suffering from a bout of gum disease, this pocket can widen, forming a great sheltered place for infectious bacteria to thrive. To close this pocket, a dental surgeon or periodontist like Dr Edmond Lobaza will temporarily widen the pocket, allowing them to thoroughly clean the inside of the pocket of bacteria, tartar and accumulated detritus.

    Snoring Interrupting Your Sleep? Your Dentist Can Help With That!

    Are you tired of your partner giving you a hard time about the snoring you do while you are asleep? If your snoring is not accompanied by sleep apnoea, the problem is relatively harmless except for the fact you have to use more energy to breathe while asleep than others who don't snore. Being tired every morning is a nuisance though, and you may be surprised to know your dentist can help solve this problem.

    Should You Take Immediate Dentures Out at Night?

    Once you get used to wearing your new dentures, you can typically choose whether you wear them all the time or not. If you're having a set of immediate dentures put in straight after your teeth are extracted, your dentist may ask you to follow other instructions for the first day or so. Your First Night With Immediate Dentures Your dentist may ask you to keep your dentures in for the first day, or even two days, after they are fitted.

    Should You Reinsert a Knocked Out Baby Tooth?

    If an adult has an accident and knocks out a tooth, dental advice typically recommends putting the tooth straight back in its socket. With subsequent help from a dentist, teeth may be saved and re-positioned permanently. However, dentists do not recommend that you reinsert a baby tooth after it has been knocked out accidentally, as you may do more harm than good. Why Shouldn't You Reinsert Baby Teeth? Your child's baby teeth sit under adult teeth.