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Dental Implants: A Guide for Seniors

If you are a senior considering dental implants, you may have to worry about issues other dental patients don't have to think about. For example, you may need more time to recover after receiving your implants. My name is Jodi, and I've been working with seniors for years. I decided to create this blog to help the seniors I can't meet in person. In this space, I'm going to post entries on everything related to dental implants and seniors. From tips on flossing implants after arthritis has claimed some of your dexterity, to guiding you through the implants-vs-dentures debate, this blog is designed for you. Thanks for reading. I hope you find what you need!



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Dental Implants: A Guide for Seniors

3 Main Reasons Dentists Recommend Regular Teeth Cleaning

by Jimmy Carter

A child gets their first teeth, also known as the milk teeth, when they are about six months old. However, these teeth fall off with time, and by the time they are twelve, permanent teeth start emerging. Wisdom teeth are usually the last to appear, and for most people, it happens much later.

The permanent teeth should serve you for the rest of your life. Sadly, a lot of people don't follow the right dental care to preserve the health of their teeth for a lifetime. Teeth cleaning is one of the basic dental procedures which can help avoid dental health problems and keep your teeth healthy for a long time. Here is why your dentist recommends regular teeth cleaning.

1. Prevent Plaque Build-Up

The mouth has a good amount of healthy bacteria that help with fighting oral diseases. They protect the immune system by fighting any disease-producing germs that you ingest. However, when you don't clean your teeth regularly, food debris and excessive bacteria lead to plaque build-up.

The yellow film covers your teeth and slowly discolors them. Regular brushing cleans the front and back surface of the teeth, which means that a third of your total tooth surface is left dirty. This is one of the reasons a lot of cavities develop at the side of the tooth. Professional cleaning by a dentist removes plaque from these surfaces.

2. Restore a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Dull teeth are usually easy to notice when someone smiles or talks. As your teeth get more discolored, you start feeling self-conscious when laughing and talking in public.

Professional teeth cleaning brightens your teeth and gives you back the confidence you need to talk, smile and interact with people. Besides improving your smile and boosting your confidence, professional teeth cleaning also helps eliminate bad breath.

3. Prevent Dental Health Problems

Problems such as cavities, gum disease and tooth loss start with poor dental hygiene. When plaque accumulates on the surface of your tooth, it starts wearing down the enamel and exposing the dentine. Continued erosion exposes the pulp cavity. When bacteria multiply inside the soft tissue in the pulp cavity, you experience tooth decay or tooth loss.

All these are eventualities you can prevent through regular teeth cleaning with the help of a dentist.

These are three of the many benefits of regular teeth cleaning. Remember that the most important thing is to get a professional dentist to handle tooth cleaning for the best results.