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Dental Implants: A Guide for Seniors

If you are a senior considering dental implants, you may have to worry about issues other dental patients don't have to think about. For example, you may need more time to recover after receiving your implants. My name is Jodi, and I've been working with seniors for years. I decided to create this blog to help the seniors I can't meet in person. In this space, I'm going to post entries on everything related to dental implants and seniors. From tips on flossing implants after arthritis has claimed some of your dexterity, to guiding you through the implants-vs-dentures debate, this blog is designed for you. Thanks for reading. I hope you find what you need!



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Dental Implants: A Guide for Seniors

Four Services Your General Dentist Offers That May Surprise You

by Jimmy Carter

When you think about your general dentist, you may think of things like having your teeth cleaned, your annual check-up or basic dental services. There are some services your dentist offers that may surprise you. If you are thinking of having some dental work done in the near future, you may want to consider getting the following services from your general dentist first, before you sign on with a specialist.

Filling Removal And Replacement

If you have silver or gold fillings then you may have thought about having them coloured or removed to give a uniform white smile and appearance. The truth is that a specialist can do this, but so can your general dentist. They can remove the original filling and replace it with a composite or resin option. In severe situations, your dentist will also be able to place a crown on your damaged tooth to maintain your smile and remove the silver or gold.

Special Needs

If your child has special needs, you may feel they need to see a dentist that specialises in special needs paediatric dentistry. In most cases, your general dentist can offer the same services as your specialist. Most dentists do have experience dealing with children who have special medical needs and need special treatment in order to handle even a routine check-up. Before you pay for a specialist or drive a long distance to find one, consider discussing your options with your general dentist.

Basic Orthodontics

If you or a family member is considering realignment of their teeth or other orthodontic services, consider your general dentist first. They generally offer services like clear braces, alignment services and options to fix gaps that may have formed after other orthodontic treatments. You may still need to use a specialist for traditional braces, but your general dentist can evaluate your needs and recommend options for you to consider before visiting the specialist.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

In some cases, a wisdom tooth may need surgical extraction. This is something that many patients feel an oral surgeon needs to do. Though you can go to an oral surgeon, your general dentist can also handle basic surgical extractions related to wisdom tooth removal. They can help you decide if you need further dental extractions, further oral surgery to prevent crowding, or if a specialist is needed due to issues that could present complications during the tooth removal.

These are just four of the services that your dentist may offer. If you have specific dental needs or questions, contact a general dentist like Choice Dental first. If they are unable to provide the service you need, then they can give you a recommendation or referral to a specialist who can help.